Rakesh Kasturi

Rakesh is a gardener, nomad and a cook – nurturing ideas to survive in the big bad world, navigating highways as well as bylanes of innovation, feeding people’s curiosities by cooking up radical ideas with social and commercial value. He revels in the chaos of creative processes and enjoys working within the system to create sustainable change.

Starting out as a technical consultant in the German automobile industry, Rakesh helped design and engineering ecosystems reduce development costs using virtual engineering methods. In 2011, he moved on to found Fliptree Consulting, an innovation consultancy for people and organisations seeking new ideas. Since 2015, he also shepherds young social entrepreneurs through innovation processes as the Challenge Director of The DO School in Berlin, an alternative educational platform that turns ideas into action.

He enjoys swimming, chewing on the mysteries of the universe and participating in urban adventures. In his free time, he indulges in his side projects – from setting up a pop-up restaurant called “Kurkumaah!” where he can rustle up a mean Biryani to incubating social startups disguised as for-profit ventures!

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