Nadja Schnetzler

Nadja is driven by inspiring individuals and groups for change and by getting inspired herself every single day. This is the filter through which she accepts new work or initiates new projects.

With her consultancy Word and Deed she focuses on her three favorite topics: Innovation, Collaboration and Communication. She leads projects in all three fields with organizations of all sizes and industries and on all continents.

Her toolbox is full of techniques and practices from the sources she finds most useful and inspiring for the current challenge. If she has to name a few favorites, they would be kanban, agile project management, deliberative consultation and decision making processes and the BrainStore Idea Machine (which she co-created) .

Nadja is an experienced facilitator, trainer and coach. She loves to interact with new people every day and to understand what really drives and inspires them.

She considers herself a collector of human interactions and experiences and is a firm believer that there is only a life-balance, not a work-life-balance. Co-creating projects with friends is just one manifestation of this belief.

Nadjas all time favorite work item is the sticky note, and she considers a day without laughter a day wasted.