Meet the Collaborators

The core team at the lab consists of eleven friends from diverse backgrounds and from various countries. Depending on the project, we add coaches from our large international network of innovation and collaboration specialists.

Copie de STF_20140128_21-19_8656
Anna Sophie Wendel, Resident Disruptionist, based in Zürich
Copie de STF_20140128_21-09_8551
Rakesh Kasturi, Idea Guru, based in Berlin and Bangalore
Jacqueline Müller, Creative Activist, based in Melbourne
Milena Rutz, Idea accomplice, based in Thun
Copie de STF_20140131_08-54_0109
Yasmine Atlas, Catalytic Agent, based in Geneva
Copie de STF_20140128_21-02_8476
Judit Costa, Change Strategist, Berlin
Fabienne Felder, Focussed Generalist, based in Zürich
Copie de STF_20140128_20-53_8402
Nadja Schnetzler, Inspirator for Change, based in Zürich, Berlin and Biel/Bienne
Jan Bolomey, Visualist and Developer, based in Zürich
Copie de STF_20140128_21-31_8704
Tania Menzi, Observant Connector, based in St. Gallen
Copie de STF_20140128_15-17_7551
Emanuel Lobeck, food matters innovator, based in Zürich

Shoshannah Richards
Shoshannah Richards, Storyteller and Strategist, based in Berlin