Jacqueline Müller

Jacqueline is an open-minded creative generalist with roots in industrial design. Exploring various passions of hers, she has worked as a product designer, a graphic design and photography freelancer, journalist and teacher. A fierce idealist, Jacqueline strives to contribute to a more sustainable and just society, always ready to challenge the status quo. 

Experienced in industrial idea production, design thinking and and human centered design, Jacqueline believes good ideas and good design have a lot in common: they enrich our lives with simplicity, authentic function and beauty, while being ecologically and socially responsible. By looking at the well-known from a fresh perspective, questioning critically and thinking systemically, she opens up a space for change. She loves to to facilitate good ideas, innovation and collaboration by closely listening, observing and analysing.

Deeply passionate for the pale blue dot we live on, Jacqueline loves connecting with different cultures and immersing herself in other worlds, scents, landscapes and images. For the last two years she has been living and working in Melbourne, Australia, working freelance and gaining experience in design teaching at Monash University. She is most happy to visit Switzerland yearly for the Swiss Talent Forum to work with her favourite collaborationists.