The Collaboratory de

We test and implement new ways of working together to solve challenges and to help shape a great future for all.

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The Collaboratory with their Event Partner Standing Ovation

We are a collective of experienced changemakers who believe that individuals, groups and organisations need to constantly adapt how they work together and how they co-create genuinely good solutions. The Collaboratory experiments with proven, new and emerging ways to tackle challenges for the future – one project at a time.

We partner with large groups and organisations to initiate sustainable change and to test and apply new ways of collaborating in fast changing environments and a world of uncertainty.

We are a diverse group of friends from all over the world. What unites us is the way we want to work: Presenting ourselves as the human beings we are, sharing from the heart and from the mind, always open for new solutions, ideas and approaches. Curiosity is our fuel. 

We come together as a taskforce for projects, sharing the best ideas and practices from our different backgrounds with each other and our clients. We enable large groups to tackle big challenges, think in solutions, envision new services, build new products and to improve the way they work together to make change happen.

We create the right energy to experiment and ideate, but also to implement change. We get involved and partner with you, we show you how it’s done by doing it with you.

We do not rely on a specific recipe: The Collaboratory is a lab in which we test and question the state of collaboration, define experiments, test them and move forward with what works best for the current challenge.